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The European Commission has pointed out that: “Fighting high levels of unemployment – particularly among young people – is one of the most urgent tasks for European governments. Too many young people leave school prematurely running a high risk of being unemployed and socially marginalised” .
TEAMSS – Together Europe Achieves More in School Success – is the title of our project.We feel this title clearly represents our goals for this project to achieve and improve the school results and to avoid drop outs that may lead to unemployment with young people.We are of the opinion that methods like sharing methods, common teaching and learning, collaboration among students and teaching staff will be benefitted by students first of all and will lead to a better and more prosperous future to our young people.
Our project is based on achieving better school outcomes . We aim to train our students to a variety of relevant skills that will enable them to work successfully, think creatively and be confident enough for the challenges of the 21st century.We especially will focus on Foreign Language, Mother Tongue and Natural sciences and Mathematics as well as social competences. As mentioned before students are aged between 12 and 16/17 years.
According to the number of studentsand teachersmobilities applied for we hope to work with over 70 students and about 40 teachers directly during LTT actions, aquired knowledge for potential longer term benefits should be multiplied and disseminated/shared with colleagues in the designated school departments and of course, among the studentspeer groups . Activities to be carried out are 7-day mobilities (C1-C6) to collaborate face-to-face in mixed international groups in different countries on assignments decided on before. Activities between mobilities are described as P1-P6 and are assignments to do and being evaluatedfor the the previous and prepare the future meeting. One of the most important elements of this project proposal is the effort to combine expertise with education.We have planned to ask stakeholders or other highly skilled professionals as e.g. the German IQB (Institute for Quality Development in Education) or teachers training seminar (Lehrerseminar Gera) to formally participate in our project in order to analyse not only German, but as well Italian, Portuguese, Polish or Romanian students by official competence tests. Conclusions will be drawn out of the results of those placement tests .Teachers will discuss, compare and adapt their methods to enhance students` scores and students will be enabled to work in national and transnational teams to apply new knowledge to reach higher academic success and put these skills in practical use.